Employer Eligibility

The Cadet Apprenticeship Pathway aims to help employers access our talent pool of dedicated uniformed young people. By offering an apprenticeship, employers are able to tap into a willing pool of personnel who are already engaged in continued free personal development.  We ask if you can offer the following. 

  • A guarantee of interview
  • Engage in the Armed Forces Covenant
  • Enable a Cadet or Young Adult, to continue their service as a Cadet, Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) or Reservist  

Is that you?

If yes to the above, you could be eligible to take advantage of this great apprenticeship matching opportunity. 

Next Steps:

Use the registration form below to get signed up to Cadet Apprenticeship Pathway.

Check link for Armed  Forces Covenant – This is a voluntary pledge to support your Armed Forces.

You will receive a Registration form for your completion

CAP UK will upload your company logo and vacancies link to their website

You will be asked to consider guaranteeing an interview, but this does not guarantee recruitment.

Check link to Employer Recognition Scheme to see how you can further support armed forces

Have a look at some of the useful links provided below

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